Star Trails Over Kitt Peak



We visited the Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona on November 7th and 8th. Shishir and Shashank had reserved (through NASA) the 3.5 meter WIYN telescope to observe a candidate exoplanet that they discovered.

We arrived on the 7th morning from Tuscon, Arizona and checked in at the Glaspey house. We then toured the observatory buildings and the giant solar observatory. Kitt Peak operates a 90mm Coronado solar telescope for public viewing, which we got to look through (no solar activity, unfortunately).

As the night fell, we went to the WIYN telescope control room. While the observations were going on, I managed to step out and take a few nightscapes using our Canon 80D DSLR we brought along. Shashank and Shishir also took a time-lapse video of the Moon setting over the observatory. Here is the video on Youtube:




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