Witch Head Nebula


About Witch Head Nebula

Popular Name Witch Head Nebula
Catalogue Names IC2118
Constellation Orion
Distance (Light Years) 900 LY
Photographic Information
Exposure 6.7 hours total; 3 hours L; 3.7 RGB
Equipment QSI 630 WSG, Paramount MyT, Orion SSAG guider
Processing Pixinsight
Imaging Location Lake Nacimiento, CA


This is a two panel mosaic of a reflection nebula in Orion. This nebula is commonly called the Witch Head Nebula because of its resemblance to a witch. The blueish nebula is due to gas that is reflecting, like smoke, due to light from the star Rigel (not in the picture). Also seen in the image are some galaxies, which are far more distant than the nebula and look like extended, fuzzy, blobs in the image.

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